L1 Consult Website & Branding

The guys at L1 Consult came to us with a clear vision of what they wanted. Simple but memorable branding and a clean but slick website with some powerful imagery.


Paul at L1C had a specific direction for the logo, and so we did multiple versions which were refined and re-imagined until everyone was happy.

We settled on the fonts and colours quite quickly but the square box and text combo for the icon was acheived through multiple sketch versions and some back and forth. We also added a large square full stop which finished off the full logo nicely. We applied this to all large website titles to tie in the branding with the rest of the site content.


For the website design we wanted a combination of strong imagery but clear text and white space. The big hero’s and large intro fonts seemed to fit well with the branding and show off the images to full effect.


  • Aesthetic
  • Consistant use of full screen images
  • Full screen video intro
  • Project page – Individual projects to come later.
  • Simple page layouts
  • Minimalist design
  • Parallax Images (movement)
  • Functional
  • Autoplay Full screen video
  • LinkedIn links in footer and hero
  • Portfolio functionality TBC (back-end login)
  • Bespoke sticky menus with page scroll
  • Mobile/Tablet responsive


L1 Consult