Little Ant

The team at Little Ant were impressed with our One Page Template, but had way more content than it could accomodate. Which was absolutely no problem, we just upgraded them to the 5 Pager. All of the style & value of our base template but with extra page options such as News, Projects & Services.


We worked closely with Little Ant to modify the template to fit their requirements. They opted for our Services page which is the most popular add-on to the One-Pager, as well as giving Team it’s own page. We rounded off the upgrade with News and a dedicated contact page.

The Upgrade to a full site is very cost effective, and not rigid at all. We will always try to achieve our clients goals, and often that can be done without additional fees.


Our templates can be used for any type of site, but we offer a set price to do the classic 5 page site. This include a ‘Services’ page, ‘News’ & ‘Contact’ pages. The 5th page being any content page such as ‘About Us’ or maybe a product information page.


  • Aesthetic
  • Full screen responsive heros
  • Meticulous project layouts
  • Highly responsive page layouts
  • Minimalist design
  • Bespoke news layout
  • Parallax Images (movement)
  • Functional
  • Featured news and project feed – home page
  • Portfolio functionality (back-end login)
  • News/Blog (back-end login)
  • Highly Mobile/Tablet responsive

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Michael TarringDirector
Cassell Tarring