Oscar Insurance

Oscar took advantage of our new and improved our signature One-Page Template. We have spent alot of time at the start of 2022 re-developing and refining this small business staple. It was a great fit for Oscar.



Oscar wanted a clean minimalist online presence. They had the perfect amount of content for our One Page Template.

Now the One Pager is live, and looking great. Oscar always has the option to upgrade with News, Projects, Contact page, or any other type of messageing page. The one page theme was designed with no limitations going forwards.


We provide two Template options for those clients that want an asthetic, functional website, without needing to go through the design process. Content on the One Pager has to be limited in order not to flood the sections. But the option to add pages, news or projects is always available.


  • Aesthetic
  • Full screen responsive heros
  • Multiple styles of content layouts
  • Highly responsive page layout
  • Minimalist design
  • Bespoke news add-on
  • Parallax Images (movement)
  • Functional
  • Portfolio functionality add-on (back-end login)
  • News/Blog add-on (back-end login)
  • Highly Mobile/Tablet responsive



David AndersonDirector
Oscar Insurance