The Loft Men


Worked through account suggestions and took note of the search info to be used for the onsite SEO.

Actions (also from the search console data)

Create New Advert specifically for storage rooms.
Create New Advert specifically for loft hatches.
Create New Advert specifically for hobby rooms?.

Most popular queries

Look to incorporate these key words into more pages to try and increase our ranking for each term.

Most popular pages

Take not of what is working and try to push those harder (storage rooms). but also what isnt been looked at, kike insulation. We need to work harder on that messaging

Google Search Console

Storage Room

Looking at the google info on ‘How People Find You’ storage rooms is a big hit for you in terms of ranking and being found for different variations of that search.

  • loft storage room
  • loft conversion for storage
  • loft storage conversion
  • loft storage rooms
  • storage loft conversion
  • loft conversion to storage room
  • converting a loft for storage
  • loft room storage


1. Blog post on storage rooms
2. Create an advert on Adwords aimed at storage rooms
3. Update the Deluxe Rooms text on home and elsewhere to use the term ‘Storage Room(s)’


Kit seems to come up regularly in different search phrases

  • loft boarding kit
  • loft boarding kits
  • raised loft boarding kit
  • loft flooring kit
  • loft kits
  • loft board kits
  • loft access kit
  • loft board kit


1. Blog post on the ‘kit’ your installers use for a normal boarding package, and list out all of the products, maybe some tools.
2. Look to include the word ‘kit’ in places, dont force it but try and get it into the different packages.

Loft Hatch

  • moving loft hatch
  • moving a loft hatch
  • move loft hatch
  • how to move a loft hatch
  • can you move a loft hatch
  • loft hatch
  • bespoke loft hatch


1. We have 2 blogs already, so maybe create a package for moving the hatch?

Hobby Room

This is a term that has popped up too. Just an observation.. Maybe we can use this term in places?

Technical updates

Using these two sites I am in the process of working through any warninngs that slow down page loading speeds. The warnings on here are for anything that slows the site down, including things we need like full size images, font files, contact form code etc..

But I am going to work through everything within reason to speed us up while not comprimising functionality.

1. Re-saved out homepage images to smaller file sizes.
2. Deleted the homepage slider and replaced with a coded version. (will be doing this on every page, the slider isnt worth the extra load.)
3. Removed any unneccasary plugins
5. Added sclaed down mobile images where possible.


2x blog posts

Facebook images